Friday, August 2, 2013

The Future of CFEB

CrossFit East Bay and Touchstone Climbing management met today. We have mutually decided that it makes most sense for both programs to take on an individual identity. Therefore CrossFit East Bay will no longer operate at GWPC after we move on to our new facility in Jack London Square at 66 Franklin Street in Oakland. We continue to project an October 1 open date. This is an amicable split and we expect to have a friendly association, including a probable mutual discount for those who wish to belong to both gyms.

CrossFit East Bay’s new space will involve some significant program changes. Some of the things we are considering:

  • Expanded class hours, possibly beginning at 4:45AM

  • Expanded number of classes including 4:45AM and 9AM.

  • Longer classes, possibly 75 minutes each. This will allow much more comprehensive programming.

  • Reservation system: no more crowding or short equipment.

  • Multi-Tiered Programming similar to CrossFit Invictus.

  • Subject Matter Experts, OLY, PL

  • Seminars: Kelly Starrett, etc.

The Touchstone Management Team is in the process of assembling the team to run the program that will supersede CFEB. You can expect to continue to see some familiar faces. Rafael Vega will be taking over some of the programming duties as a transitional pilot study in the reasonably near future.

The Future of CFEB

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