Sunday, August 11, 2013

FemmeFit 2013 Wrap Up


Femme Fit 2013 (or BeeFest 2013, more on that) is a wrap! Once again this event proved to be well-run, well-designed and well-executed.Placings.

The first event was an unknown distance run on VERY rugged terrain. Sara Ordaz started with an early leading position, maintaining 2nd place for the first 1000 meters or so, then settled into the leading pack at a comfortable pace. Unluckily for her, she stepped on a beehive, and was swarmed by bees. She had to stop and have the bees slapped off of her for a matter of minutes. Finally she was able to start up again and finished in the top quarter or so despite having 20 stings. She will henceforth be know as “Stinger”. Andrea and Jess got away with a few stings each, but Mary sustained 7 or eight bites. Jo Ann Aita of Max’s Gym got hit 35 times!!!

Next was Oly Lifiting. Andrea took 9th place, here first top ten competition finish with a well-executed 125# snatch and 165# C&J. She took a shot at 175# but there was not enough time. Jessica Bernardini hit a PR with a 157# C&J .

The middle event was a classic metcon (thrusters and box jumps) where you could choose the weight. More weight meant less reps. Andrea, Mary and Jessica made tactical mistakes with overly heavy weights, a mistake none of us will forget. Sara went light (65#) and hit a very solid 8-minute time.

Moving on, a sprint bracket race was the best event for CFEB. Mary, Sara and Andi all moved on to the second heat. Mary stole the show with her first run, and revealed to the world that can, in fact, move like greased lightning when she turns it on.

The final event was a run/burpee/sandbag carry that Sara and Andi both crushed. Sara won the heat with a time of 6:00, blazing past the leader at the end. Andi brought in third about 11 seconds later. Mary and Jessica put in valiant efforts on this one but just did not have the gas to turn it on: both of them finished seemingly through sheer willpower, with Jessica losing the ability to walk in a straight line near the end.

In the end Andrea was 18th (12 placings better than last time) and Sara was right behind with 22nd. Mary and Jessica finished near the middle of the pack.

A great time was had by all, including spectators: this was inspiring and fun to watch. I think anyone who was there who ever hears the phrase “like a girl” can only laugh knowingly.

Serious Kudos to Jo Ann Aita, 43 who finished this competition with a high placing despite not training endurance and NEVER having done a metcon before! Ouch!

FemmeFit 2013 Wrap Up

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