Thursday, June 27, 2013

The NorCal Affiliate Showcase

At The Fitness Expo – Northern Califormia

(Warning: link goes to page that plays MUSIC)

CrossFit East Bay is sending two teams to compete on Saturday, June 29

The Grasshoppers:

  • Jacqui

  • Jill

  • Jed

  • Mino

The East Baybarians:

  • Chelsea

  • Andi

  • Alex

  • Zach



Santa Clara Convention Center

The NorCal Affiliate Showcase will be in Area “F”



Non-refundable tickets may be purchased for $20 at the door or online
Print this coupon to get $10 off ticket price at the door!

Parking is free!


Heat Times:

  • Spectators may enter at 10am

  • CFEB Grasshoppers (Intermediate team): Heat 3 (10:45am / 1:21pm / 4:03pm)

  • CF East Baybarians (Rx team): Heat 7 (11:45am / 2:33pm / 4:51pm)


What to bring:

  • Wear your CFEB T-shirt!

  • Bring water, it’s unclear whether you’re allowed to bring snacks into the venue.

  • Please do not bring: alcohol or pets.


Workout Information:

All other event information can be found here

The NorCal Affiliate Showcase

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