Saturday, June 15, 2013

Legendary Competitor Tryout Results

Mino & Chelsea Clean & Jerk

Mino & Chelsea Clean & Jerk

The tryouts are over and the results are in!

Rx Team:

  • Andrea

  • Chelsea

  • Alex Hall

  • Zach Seale

Sc Team:

  • Jacqui

  • Jill

  • Mino

  • Harold

Jacqui and Mino are the Rx Team alternates. Jess Brown-Reddit and Jed are the SC team alternates.

 1 Alex/Zach 7 Andi 3

 Chelsea 5
 3 Mino 9 Jacqui 11
 4 Harold 13 Jill12
 5 Jed 14 Jess Brown-Reddit 13
 6 Jeff 18





11Mike KDNF

This was a lot of fun! Many PRs and a new club record shared by Andrea and Chelsea: 165 pound Clean & Jerk. Chelsea also Cleaned 175 pounds. Andrea was dominant in the women’s competition with three 1st place finishes (tied for first on event one, the C&J ladder with Chelsea). The Men’s competition was close with Alex and Zach exactly tied. 7 points each, tied for 3rd on the first event with 235 pound Clean & Jerks. Zach won event two the longer AMRAP and alex took 3rd. On the final event this was exactly reversed with Alex in 1st and Zach in 3rd. Mino crushed the 1st event with a 295 pound Clean & Jerk, but was hurt by a relatively poor showing in the 10 minute AMRAP, 6th place. The double-unders tripped him up. On the final event he took 2nd with 42 225 pound deadlifts and 7 muscle-ups, 2 reps behind Alex Hall who got 2 muscle-ups in the second round, and 1 rep ahead of Zach who just could not finish the deadlifts.


Legendary Competitor Tryout Results

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