Thursday, June 4, 2009

Strong Enough? Yes!

195 pound overhead 60 foot barbell carry @ CF1W Throwdown: Andy and I moved 2750 pounds of plates this way in 14 minutes for the win.

Our recent affiliate cup training has yielded excellent results. 10 weeks of our own programming has yielded the best results I have ever experienced in all areas except one (more below).

Recent benchmarks:

-Deadlift 400#
-Squat 300#
-Bench Press 235# (easy, could maybe do 245#)
-Overhead Squat 195#
-Press 160#
-Push-Jerk 195#

I did the Mid-Atlantic qualifier WOD "B" yesterday:

3 rounds
10 deadlift 275#
50 double-under


This was done outside in a high wind: fairly certain I could approach 4 minutes in more controlled circumstances with my own rope. The 275 DL that seemed so hard at the CFO OPD fundraiser seemed not like a joke, but really quite easy. The really interesting thing about this, and all of the strength benchmarks above, is that I have done very, very little strength work in the last 10 weeks, but a lot of "stengthcons", with much higher weight than in previous years metcons. It works.

My conditioning is excellent, and my muscle mass is the highest it has ever been 157 pounds of lean mass!

The only thing that has not changed is my bodyfat. Still hovering around 20%, even up a bit from a few weeks back.

I am starting a very conservative cutting cycle today to take me up to the CF games: I am going to aim for a 500 calorie deficit each day on average, with the goal being to burn one pounds worth of fat each week. The goal is simply to not lose any muscle mass and lose 5 pounds of pure bodyfat, or 191 pounds at 18% bodyfat, lean mass of 157. I think this is the single greatest performance enhancer I can get.

Post-games, I will start a 10 week cutting cycle, also very, very conservative to try and take off another 10 pounds using the same protocol. That would put me at 181 pounds and around 14% bodyfat, 157 lean, which I think is a realistic bodyweight/bodyfat percentage and should make bodyweight movements like muscle-ups, etc., not to mention running a lot easier.


Jay Ashman said...

extremely impressive workout and very impressive stats. You are moving some serious weight and conditioning obviously is NOT an issue.


Maximus Lewin said...

Thanks Bro! If I can cut down a bit, avoid injury and continue on the path I am on, I am fairly confident I can come into the 2010 NorCal qualifier with a good chance to make it to day 2.