Friday, May 22, 2009

Long Time Coming

I finally broke the mental barrier and Deadlifted 400 pounds! I'm fairly certain I will start making linear progress again now. I think I can officially say I am now as strong as I have ever been, and while it may not be at an all time high, my capacity is now decent: the last time I was almost this strong coming off of a pure strength cycle in 07 I was glacially slow, could barely run or do pull-ups.

Interestingly I have been doing almost no direct strength work, but lots of "stengthcons", like the "Catch 22" WOD that started with 22 Deadlifts at 315#. Just lots of brutally hard metcons and big volume in general.

I addition my running is decent again, I suspect I could break 3:00 in an 800 again. I have gotten a bunch of new PRs lately, 5 HSPU, Strict Press 2.0P Kettlebell, 185X2 OHS, etc.

The only things that are not at peak are pure capacity, pull-ups and muscle-ups (have not done one in almost a year). This is a combo of my weight, and my elbow issues.

However: if my bodyfat scale is at all accurate, I am now at an all time peak of lean mass 158.5 pounds at a bodyweight of 192, 17.5% bodyfat.

When I started this journey, I was 215 pounds, 36% bodyfat and only 138 pounds of lean mass. That means I have stacked on 20 pounds of solid lean mass, from my late 30s to my early 40s. Not bad!


Bill said...

Not bad at all. Outstanding, in fact!

doron serban said...

explain again how a 185 double OHS, a double-pood strict press and a 400 dead are NOT strict capacity? ;)

The only other person I can think of that made those kinda gains at this age, is pink-bat Barry, and last I checked, there's no cream, nor clear in that choco-milk, so FANTASTIC JOB, MAX!!!!

Maximus Lewin said...

OHS/Press?DL are limit strength. Capacity is ability to do work over time i.e. stamina. 18 months ago I could do Filthy Fifty and Linda RX in about 22 minutes each. While I am not positive, I doubt I am there. But I will be.

But thanks Buddy.

PS - nothing here you cannot buy at the grocery store or GNC.