Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hill Repeats

The 22 C2B Pull-Ups in "Catch 22"

I did hill repeats yesterday, which, I am, to say the least, not stellar at. I really had to keep interrupting any negative self-talk (I've done enough, I'm going to be slow, etc.) with positive self-talk (I'm going to fly up this hill, I love doing this, this is going to get me closer to my goals).

I have really resolved not to complain about my workouts to others or myself, just do them and accept them for what they are. After all, I'm really just doing this for my own satisfaction.

Anyway: I managed to go from a state of dread and wimpiness to feeling invincible, powerful and fast on the third repeat I cleared the hill in 52 seconds, first attempts were more like 1:05. While it is unmeasured I suspect that is the hardest I have run in some time.

About 4 hours later I worked with YPFA of team CFEB on some skills. I did some decent rowing. She nailed some of her goals. Nice work.

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YPA said...

All in a days work, Coach.