Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Am The Weakest Link

CrossFit East Bay competed at the Diablo CrossFit Royal Rumble and took third place in a field of 14. This is better than I expected, and has excited me about CF all over again.

I think we would have won if I had been in better shape. My teammates are training as hard as they can (even overtraining) while I am coasting and have put on a bunch of flab (see above picture taken today).

The next throwdown is in three weeks, and I plan to lose 7-8# of fat and stay as strong as I am now (295# squat, etc) while increasing my metcon and Oly stats. I'm not going to weigh myself for one week, as much of the weight is water from eating too much crappy carbs.

First weigh-in and initial workout results will be posted next Sunday. I may or may not post before then, keeping up the CrossFit East Bay website, plus this blog turns out to be a surprising amount of work.

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Rebecca said...

Nice 1-Armed handstand hold Max :-D