Saturday, July 4, 2009

The "Tank" Series

I will be posting a series of articles about CrossFit East Bay's 2009 Games prep over the next few days.

We persued a "Dark Horse" strategy for the Affiliate Cup training. When we decided to seriously train for the Affilate Cup this year rather than next, as had originally been my plan, we realized a number of things:

- There was simply no way, given six weeks of training (plus a one-week taper) that we could match teams made up of D-1 football players in their 20s, etc. in pure strength or power. It simply takes too long to get seriously strong, and as a newer affiliate without any "ringers" we just don't have the muscle.

- It was possible to build serious work capacity in six weeks given our decent existing base.

- Less conventional methods would give us a long shot of doing very well and a fair chance of achieving mediocrity.

I will write more on the conditiong methods we used and why (hint: Coach G. made an offhand remark to me last year about "Farm Work For Time" and obstacle courses that I took seriously).

In the last few weeks we chose our team and tightened our focus. My job was to "face reality" as Torquemada put it, and get as strong as humanly possible in the last couple of weeks available along with increasing my capacity and eating tons of food. My dreams of being an underwear model have been defered.

Above is picured one of my "Tank" workouts:


Deadlift 315#
Thruster 135#

Time 7:44

There is no question that I am now as strong as I have ever been, my capacity is excellent and my running is decent. However due to my high bodyfat (19%) pull-ups and HSPUs are hard and muscle-ups are if not impossible, very, very hard.

Weights that once seemed heavy are now a joke. I could DL 225# for reps all day.

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